John Bovia

I decided to start Life Support Services, Inc. (LSS) in 1983 after myself and a few close colleagues (all of whom had been advanced instructors for a number of years) decided there had to be a better way to provide training. At that time, the general expectation was that a significant portion of your participants would fail the course. The success of the program was based on the number of participants you failed.

That just seemed completely backward to us. In 1983 with the backing of a strong willed medical director, Life Support Services Inc’s, programs became about what would make a difference to the patient suffering from a medical emergency, not how many students would fail the program. From that moment on Life Support Services’ mission has been to customize courses to meet all client learning need and wants.

Whether it be minimizing time spent on airway maintenance when working with anesthesia providers or teaching dentist to run a code with an AED and no vascular access. In every case the AHA core curriculum is covered, however, the practical side is covered from the perspective of the limitations of what the client has. Unfortunately all codes don’t occur in a fully equipped emergency room with unlimited resources. Therefore it is our goal to bring advanced resuscitation to all healthcare providers and work with them to adapt the protocols to the staff and equipment they have available.

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